The Round Tower Restaurant at the Market Square from the 16th Century

Here in lovely Vyborg/Viipuri in Russia, a city close to the Finnish border, there is the Round Tower Restaurant right on the market square and the market hall. As the name suggests this restaurant is inside a round tower located in the center of the city. It is a tower from the 16th century and you reach the restaurant through a circular stair and there are many wall paintings on the way up. Having reached the top there is the Round Tower Restaurant with a wooden ceiling and many more paintings on the wall of famous figures on the history of the region.

The food served here is delicious. We had several courses and started with a plate of herring with potatoes and onions and on another plate there was rolled ham with cream sauce. As next course came a Quiche with sea food and an apple slice. Then we had medallions with cream sauce, as well as omelet with meat and boiled potatoes and cabbage. And followed by vanilla ice cream and fruits as dessert. All course were very delicious.

But see for yourself:


And here is the slide show:


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The Bottom Line: The Round Tower Restaurant, Рыночная пл., 1, Vyborg, Leningradskaya oblast‘, in 188800 Russia, right at the Market Square of Vyborg/Viipuri is a great restaurant within a medieval tower in the city center.

From Vyborg, Russia with Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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